Hi. I am a Business Intelligence professional and have consulted and trained in the industry since 1993. I know it is hard to find good Business intelligence books, and I also know that it is difficult to waste a lot of time trying to find good books. So, I took the time to compile a list of books that would help you become better Business Intelligence professionals. Please browse through these books. If you have any comments, please send them to BIComments@bobooks.com.

Business Intelligence Books

Business Objects Books

(The first book is a new WEB Intelligence XI book, by Robert D. Schmidt. It is an amazing training manual that includes a Power Point presentation and over 80 videos of the examples in the book. If you want to learn how the create reports in WEB Intelligence XI, then this is the book to get.)

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General Business Intelligence Books

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Data Warehouse Books

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Database Books

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These books in my opinion are very good in the areas that they are written for. I am not responsible for the content or availability of the books, these are only my recommendations.